Learn React Today by Kyle Cook

Learn React Today

Learn React and all its modern features such as hooks and context in less than a day with this highly focused React course

What Will You Get?

  • Access to all HD course videos
  • All source code for the entire application broken down by video
  • All future updates free of charge
  • Exclusive access to the Learn React Today Discord channel where you can talk with me and all other members of the course

Why This Course?

While there are a ton of React courses available for you to choose from, none compare to this course. Instead of focusing on writing code and building one large project this course is focused on learning React and what the code you are writing does. I focus on simplifying and explaining in depth every complex React topic so you have a deep understanding of how to build any product you can dream of. This means that instead of mindlessly copying the code from the video you will be actively learning each and every topic covered.

In order to accomplish such a highly focused and well explained course, all unrelated concepts are kept to a bare minimum. This means no extra time will be wasted on building out huge CSS files or complex databases, and instead every minute of this course will be focused solely on learning React. Because of the focused nature of this course you will learn everything about React in a shorter time.

I also utilize my extreme passion for clean and well-designed code to show you all the best practices and design patterns you need to know in order to easily create complex React applications. This is something most other courses never even talk about, let alone cover in the depth I do.

I could go on for hours about why this course is the best choice for you, but in essence, if you buy this course you will learn more in less time which leads to you building your own projects quicker.

What Will You Learn?

  • A deep understanding of how React works
  • How to build React components and connect them to create a full application
  • Working with React hooks in depth
  • React context and state management in full scale applications
  • How to easily persist state with LocalStorage
  • Tons of React and JavaScript best practices for building scalable applications
  • Continuous integration and deployment with a React application
  • Multiple tactics for communication between React components
  • And so much more in depth React information

Is This Course For You?

If you are looking to increase your marketability by learning the most in demand frontend framework, or if you just want to learn how to create highly interactive websites with ease then this course is perfect for you. Whether you are a seasoned JavaScript veteran or are just starting to understand JavaScript, this course has something for you.

This course is for you if:
  • You are already familiar with React, but want to learn more modern best practices
  • You already know another frontend framework, but want to dive deep into learning React
  • You want to add deep interactivity to your sites without the complications of massive plain JavaScript files
  • You are trying to improve your JavaScript skills through learning advanced JavaScript and React concepts


Introduction And Setup
01 - Course Introduction
3 mins
02 - What Is React
6 mins
03 - Environment Setup
12 mins
Project One - Counter Application
04 - JSX
11 mins
05 - Class Component
14 mins
06 - Function Component
13 mins
07 - Context
10 mins
08 - Continuous Deployment
6 mins
Project Two - Cooking With React Application
09 - Project 2 Preview
3 mins
10 - Component Breakdown and Recipe JSX
15 mins
11 - Ingredient JSX
7 mins
12 - Recipe List CSS
15 mins
13 - Finish Recipe and Ingredient CSS
12 mins
14 - Recipe Add and Delete Button Interactivity
13 mins
15 - Recipe Add and Delete Button Context
8 mins
16 - UseEffect Hook and LocalStorage
13 mins
17 - RecipeEdit JSX
13 mins
18 - RecipeEdit CSS
15 mins
19 - Selected Recipe State and Recipe Edit Values
13 mins
20 - Recipe Edit Input Interactivity
17 mins
21 - Finish Cooking With React Application
11 mins
Conclusion And Wrap Up
22 - Code Review and Best Practices
17 mins
23 - Further Project Ideas and Closing Thoughts
5 mins

Hear What Others Have To Say

If you're looking for a no fluff, succinct and articulate approach to learning the basics of the ReactJS library you won't do any better than this course.  Kyle has a straightforward and to the point approach that gets the important points across without extraneous distractions.  This is not the typical copy and paste type of course you may have run across with previous courses.  Kyle presents key ideas that teach you what you need to know to move on, with confidence, to creating your own ReactJS code.
Dan Forth
Kyle's Learn React Today course is definitely beginner-friendly, easy to follow, yet concise and informative. If you are looking for a straight forward, React-only course that you can take within a day, this is the one for you!
Annie Taylor Chen
As soon as I discovered Kyle's YouTube channel I knew I'd found the right place to improve my web development skills. He presents new topics in a very cohesive, simple way and teaches you how to use these tools yourself, in contrast to most other tutorials where you end up copy-pasting code unaware of how it works. On top of that, he's also a very friendly guy and has always been happy to help his community when they encounter problems.
Marcus Otterström

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of React is used in this course?

This course was recorded in August of 2019 using React 16.8.6. This means that this course focuses heavily on modern React concepts such as hooks and context.

Does this course cover Redux, TypeScript, CSS in JS, Node.js, MongoDB, etc?

No. This course is focused purely on learning React, because trying to learn React alongside things like Redux, or TypeScript makes learning React exponentially more difficult. After taking this course and learning React in depth adding on Redux or TypeScript is much easier, and will lead to you learning the other topics more in depth and quicker.

Why is this course so short? Other React courses are 20+ hours long?

Yes. This course is significantly shorter than many other React courses, but that is actually one of this course's biggest benefits. Since this course is focused 100% on only React it is able to fit detailed breakdowns and explanations of everything you need to know about React into a fraction of the time of many other courses. This means you will learn more in less time, because not a single minute of your time is wasted in this course.

Why is this course more expensive than other React courses on platforms such as Udemy?

This course is priced at a premium price point to align with the high quality content in the course. Many cheap courses are no more than long glorified code alongs with very little explanation or teaching. This course, on the other hand, is focused exclusively on the single goal of teaching you React in the quickest and most comprehensive way possible. This is achieved via deep explanations of every concept covered and every line of code written. Unlike other cheaper courses the goal of this course is not to teach you to build one single product, but instead this course is about teaching you React so you can create any product you can imagine and get you one step closer to your dream job.

What if I buy the course and do not like it?

While I am sure that you will love this course, if for any reason you do not, just email me at kyle@webdevsimplified.com for a full refund.

Any other questions?

If you have any more questions about the course email me at kyle@webdevsimplified.com and I will answer any questions you have.

Get To Know Your Instructor

My name is Kyle and I have been a full stack web developer since 2015. I have a Computer Engineering degree, but am mostly self-taught when it comes to web development. Because of this I am able to leverage both my formal education as well as my experience as a self-taught developer to create the most comprehensive and easy to understand courses available. I also run the YouTube channel Web Dev Simplified with over 200,000 subscribers.